Eventing Memories Owner Tomasha

Tomasha Suber

Lead Planner & Owner

Celebrate Often, Celebrate Others and Celebrate for the Memories!

My Story

My name is Tomasha and I am a sucker for all things celebratory. My love and passion for planning events steams from the many influences of my childhood. I’ve always been "details driven" by nature according to my mother because as a child I always seemed to care about the small details. During my childhood I spent countless weekends with my grandfather – a photographer whose sole goal was to capture the celebratory moments of people’s lives. Even as a small child he imprinted upon me what I believe is one of the most important aspects of life – Celebrate Often, Celebrate Others and Celebrate for the Memories!

What Fuels Me

There is no bigger joy that I experience than when I am celebrating the milestones, achievements and new beginnings of others! I love taking the words and aspirations of clients and bringing their visions to life. Having a strong financial background I strive to help my clients identify financial goals and project deadlines early in the process to avoid the dreaded financial stress of an event. Helping people to plan for life’s special moments and create memories is the fuel to my fire – and a dream opportunity!